Modern Ghost Town

Typically we see buildings that had a purpose then through no fault of their own fell upon hard times and started to deteriorate.  This set of building never got to be anything at all except giant monuments to poor decisions and dreams larger than bank accounts.  Right on the border of Pontiac and Bloomfield Township sits this development that never was.  In theory it was great, block after block of mixed use building ranging from 4 to 7 stories tall.  Retail space, million dollar condos, movie theaters, parking decks and office space.  In reality it was an abysmal failure, never completed and now the epitome of poor planning and worse execution.

From the word go this city within a city ruffled feathers, built within the confines of the struggling City of Pontiac was a development named after Pontiac’s younger and more wealthy neighbor “Bloomfield”  such actions never sit well with the citizens of Pontiac, a working class town in an unfortunate decline.  Pontiac was shoved off of a fiscal cliff when the once thriving General Motors started pulling up their production tents and moving to the south or overseas.  This set Pontiac on a rapid descent into financial hardship and ultimately caused this Modern Ghost Town to happen.


These giant slabs of unfinished concrete sit behind rusty chain link fence and tower over the rest of the single story structures in the area.  A single security guard who patrols the 3 square block of  vacant buildings deters scrappers and  graffiti artists.  On occasion this rotting property makes the local paper as a wealthy investor “considers” purchasing the property and the crumbling shells but soon fades away as the apparent investors reel in horror at this creepy post apocalyptic nightmare.


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