Xtracyle Exploring: Part I

I loaded up my cameras on my Xtracycle yesterday with no clear destination in mind, no contracts, no reporters sending desperate texts wondering where the pics are and no pressure at all. This adventure (just to make it sound more awesome than it really was) led me to two places and I am going to make a post for each. The first stop was locally owned L.A. Cafe, situated on the overly busy Dixie Hwy. An eclectic place full of art, coffee, delicious food for both the meat eater and vegan alike they are also host to the annual art and music festival called “Peacefest”. The owners of L.A. Cafe erected the “Graffiti Tower” and welcomed artists to come tag, bomb, stencil, wheat paste, autograph or scribble at will. The tower had barely settled on the ground before it was lit up with art of all manner. I rather enjoy looking at the tower, it adds a bit of umpf to our generally sleepy and bland corner of the world. The city however had to go all scrooge and demand it be taken down quoting some kind of ordinance blah blah blah. The fight to save the tower is on.

To quote Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies “Just cause you don’t like it don’t mean it aint any good”





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